Kaizen Six Sigma - Company Improvement Suggestions (1 of 2)

Hey heroes. This week we're gonna be talking about the Japanese word "kaizen." Now this word simply means "change for the better." It wasn't about making changes at the company. Initially, it was about making changes for the people, so to try and make their jobs better. But what they found was as they made all these small changes, it made things better for their people. The company became more reliable and more profits, safer, and just all around better, so basically if you get the people closest to their problems involved, they're gonna understand them best and they're gonna bring you the best solutions. So this week, I'm gonna help you figure out how to get those people involved and get solutions. Make sure you stick around to the end because I'm gonna give a sweet bonus.

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All right, so my second day as a supervisor, I ran out to Walmart and I picked up a goldfish kit. I came back to my plant and I put this together and I wrote it on the side of the goldfish bowl, "Drop your ideas in the think tank." People thought I'd completely lost my mind, but within a matter of a short time, we had dozens of ideas in improving the safety and reliability of the plant. My simple little fish bowl was being presented in front of all the plant managers and all the vice-presidents at a big corporate meeting. So this week, I'm gonna help you figure out how to set up your own think tank. Make sure you stick around to the end.

All right, so first thing you need to do is get yourself some sort of clear container and why do I say a clear container? Well, because if you have a dark container that you can't access, I've seen places that use a black lock box, you're gonna find out all the negative stuff people will not want to tell you. They're just gonna drop all that mess in there and you're not gonna get any good ideas. Now as I always say, if you don't know about the problems, you can't fix them. But this isn't the place where you're gonna find out about the problems. This is where you're trying to find out ideas and solutions to problems. So get you some sort of clear container. As I mentioned, I used a glass fish tank the first time. After I did that, I wasn't that wild about it. So I actually used a plastic container next time and if you stick around until the end, my bonus is gonna give you a great suggestion on where to get a container that will work well for that. 

All right, so the next thing you need to do is put that container in a very high traffic, visible location. So you want it someplace where people are always at, where maybe meetings are going on, that type of thing. You want to get this thing visible because you want people to see the ideas that are in there. You want people to see it there when they have an idea and be able to easily write it down. I even recommended people from outside my plant that were visiting if they had a good idea, I had them write it down and drop it in my think tank as well. So it's a great place to just capture ideas when people are having good discussions and ideas come up. All right, so the next thing you need to do is you're probably gonna have to push to get this thing started. So as I mentioned before, put it someplace where you're meeting a lot, where you're talking a lot. People come up with good ideas, say, "Hey, why don't you write that down and drop it in the think tank?" 

Now you may actually have to do it yourself the first couple of time, but once people start seeing the ideas get in there, you'll walk in and you'll catch people digging through and seeing what's in there and maybe adding their own idea that goes with something or maybe writing a little something extra on a sticky that's already in there. So you just gotta kinda get it going. Once you get it going, you're gonna start that flow and you're gonna start to get lots of great ideas coming in. Then next week, I'm gonna show you how to prioritize those ideas and how to track those ideas to keep everybody involved and see them through. So make sure you tune in next week to see that.

All right, so now it's time for that sweet bonus and that is you can go to someplace like Sam's and Costco and you can get a huge container of candy. That, one, gives you your huge plastic container to use to capture all these great ideas and, two, you've got candy now. So what do you do with this candy? Well, first of all, you can put some on your desk in a container where people can come in. They can grab some candy. This is a chance for you to talk to them and find out what's going on in their lives, what's going on at work, and just kind of reinforce that open door policy. It invites people into your office. Two, if you get a hard candy, you can stuff your pockets full of candy and you can go take a walk and you can just use that as an ice breaker to walk up to people. "Hey, have a piece of candy. What are you working on?" How's your day going?" Whatever it may be. It's a great way to just kind of say, "Hey, good job. Thanks. I appreciate what you're working on and here's a piece of candy." So it's just a great way to get out and meet people.

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