Leading and Communicating - Unpopular Decisions at Work

What's up, heroes? This week we're going to be talking about how to deal with unpopular decisions, whether it be a decision you make or a decision somebody else makes that you have to enforce so make sure you stick around and check that out. 

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All right, so in interviews the question often comes up, how do you deal with an unpopular decision? All right, so first of all the key to this is just communicate. Sometimes you're going to have to make a decision that people aren't going to like so the best thing you can do is just tell people who you made that decision. I've ran across this a lot. Sometimes people just don't understand all the ins and outs of decision making at a managerial level so they may not understand budget concerns or the need to look at how you're spending the money whether it be an operations budget, maintenance budget, capital spending where you might have to do a capital project.

There's a lot that goes into these decisions that the average person at your job probably doesn't understand. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they are actually interested and they want to figure this out and tell them exactly how you made the decision, all the factors you weighed and why you did what you did. When they understand that they're probably going to buy in or the worst case they'll at least feel like you're keeping them involved in part of the process so they're going to feel a little better about your decision.

The other thing is when you communicate how you make your decisions you're also developing your future leaders. Now, these people that are coming up behind you are going to understand how your thought process works, how you come to the decisions you make, and you're grooming them to take your spot in the future. As I mentioned, it's not always going to be your decisions. Sometimes there's going to be a decision made above you that you're going to have to communicate down to your organization that's not going to be popular. What do you do in those cases?

Well, first of all you have the right to express your opinion up the chain of command. Let your boss know what you think about the decision, let him know what your concerns are, give him your thoughts on it, and then you own those decisions. You don't pass the buck and say, "Hey, my boss told me we have to do this." No, you absolutely own that, "This is what we're doing, this is the direction we're going." You get everybody on board for that decision. Just like before, you communicate it, you let them know the why the decision was made and you move forward.

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