Fight Fear - How to Conquer Your Fears

Fear is the number one reason people fail to take action and achieve their dreams. This week I'm going to give you four tips on how to conquer your fears and be an action hero. 

My name's Roman Ryder and on this channel, I talk to you about fearless strategies for leadership and personal development. Before we talk about conquering your fears, if you're new to my channel make sure you click below and subscribe and also make sure you stick around till the end for an awesome bonus tip. 

Tip number one is to Identify It. It's not enough to know that you're afraid. You really need to dig deep and figure out exactly what it is you're afraid of because until you know exactly what that thing is that's making you afraid, you can't really do anything about it and address it to overcome that fear. 

They say that nearly one in three Americans has a fear of flying. They're either anxious to fly or afraid to fly, but if you dig deep and you find out why those people are actually afraid to fly you'll find it's quite a few different reasons. For instance, mechanical problems during flight, a flight during bad weather, flying at night, or flying over a body of water. That's what it means to really dig deep and figure out exactly what it is that you're afraid of. 

Alright. Tip number two is to Eliminate It. If we take a look at the previous example about a fear of flying, one of the reasons people are afraid to fly is flying at night so, a way to eliminate that would be to schedule their flight first thing in the morning. That way even if their flight's delayed they're still going to be flying during the day and they've eliminated that thing that's causing their fear. 

Tip number three is to Mitigate It. When I was kayaking the Grand Canyon I had to run a rapid called Lava Falls, which is the biggest rapid in the Grand Canyon. It's the one that has everybody nervous the whole time going up to it. To mitigate that, I had really great training before I went there. Also, I had really great safety gear. I had a good helmet. I had a good life jacket. We put safety in place. I had friends waiting downstream waiting on me in case something happened. They were there to keep me safe. By doing that, I was able to mitigate the risk and overcome my fears and take action because the things we regret are the things we don't do and if I hadn't run that rapid, I would've really regretted it. 

Tip number four is to Conquer It. Let's take this back to the workplace. If you've ever heard of impostor syndrome, I suffered from that greatly. I went from being hourly to a supervisor to a superintendent in less than a year and I went from supervising three people to managing three dozen people from a tiny little power plant to a huge power plant so, obviously, you can have impostor syndrome in a case like that. But, it ended up being an awesome experience and I had a lot of success in that position and if I hadn't pushed past my fears and taken that opportunity I would have missed out. 

Alright. Now, it's time for today's Bonus tip and that is if your why is bigger than your fear it's easy to conquer those fears and take action. If you look in the description below I have a link to my website for a free video course that will walk you through how to find your WHY. It also includes a free worksheet you can download. Make sure you check that out. 

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