DnD Stories - Overcoming Adversity Stories

Hey, what's up heroes? So, when you put out a new video every week, you never know where your next topic's coming from. This week's topic is actually from a Dungeons & Dragons session. So, I'm gonna give you three tips on how to overcome impossible odds inspired by a session where my group had to infiltrate a goblin kingdom, assassinate the king, and rescue a prisoner. So, if you'll stick around to the end, I'll tell you a little bit more about that story and give you a special bonus tip that's gonna put it all together for you. 

All right, so how do you overcome impossible odds? The first thing is you have to be prepared. You can't wait for the moment to arrive, you have to do everything in your power, everything you have control over, to get ready for that moment. The next thing is to be patient 'cause no matter how bad you want that moment to come, sometimes it is out of your control. So all you can do is be prepared, be patient, and wait for the moment to arrive. Keep your eyes out for that opportunity. And then the third thing to do is to attack. When that opportunity comes, you gotta jump on it. You can't be indecisive, you can't wait. You've gotta be ready to take action.

All right. So, back to that goblin story. My group had got some potions that would turn us in to goblins for three hours, so we were on the clock and it was looking like we were gonna fail. We had 30 minutes left. Even our Dungeon Master, he saw no way we're gonna get through this. And then that moment arrived. I'd been hidden for the better part of an hour, my character had been, and a door opened to the throne room. I rushed in, I was able to assassinate the king, I cast a spell to disguise myself as the king, and then walked out and ordered that we take the prisoners out of the kingdom, out into the woods to murder them, basically, 'cause they were causing problems. 

Of course, the prisoners were the ones who were trying to escape. The people taking them out were actually all the goblins in my group. And so, out of nowhere, we're totally desperate and then that moment came, we took the opportunity, and we were able to succeed, even though when we started, we saw no possible way it could work out. So, sometimes you just have to wait and you have to watch and you have to find that time when you can act and make everything you're trying to do work. All right, so that's my tip for the week and my little D&D story. If you liked this video, hit the like button below, share it with your friends, and don't forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video.