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Interview Tips and Tricks - How to CRUSH a Job Interview

Are you in the market for a new job? Well, this week I'm going to teach you how to absolutely own your job interview. Make sure you stick around till the end because I'm going to give you a bonus that will help you get the right job for you.

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Tip number one is to be prepared. I like to take some notes on my resume prior to the interview, and on that I'll put things like projects I've done, teams I've led, maybe some things from different jobs, different times in my life that aren't included in my resume, and also I like to include some stuff from outside of work like maybe charity work I've done or just different organizations I've been involved with. You never really know what's going to come up, and this way you have some sources to go to, to give you ideas.

Tip number two is to drive the interview. In this case, I want you to drive it like it's stolen. When they ask you a question, go ahead and write that question down, and while you're doing that, look at the notes you took in tip number one and then you're going to answer that question and you're going to steer towards one of those things that you wrote down that you really want to talk about. And you're going to talk until you can't talk anymore, or they tell you to shut up. In this way, you're going to get to cover all of the things that you want to make sure come out in the interview.

Tip number three is to turn the table. Not only are they interviewing you, you're also interviewing them. You want to make sure it's a good fit and you want to ask them the hard questions during the interview. So ask them what are the biggest threats for their organization, what are their challenges, what are the o pportunities for the role that you're interviewing for. The earlier you can bring that up, the better because you can use that in your answers to show them how you can solve their problems.

All right, so now it's time for today's bonus tip and that is to be yourself. You want to go in there and answer the questions honestly and show them exactly who you are and what you're about. So if they give you a job offer, you know that they know what you bring to the job and that you're a good fit for their organization. 

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