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Millennial Workplace - What Millennials Want in the Workplace

Do you struggle to figure out how to inspire and engage your millennials? Well this week, I'm gonna be telling you what millennials want in the workplace. Make sure you stick around the end for a special bonus.

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The first things millennials want is a voice, so from day one, you need to be getting their ideas. They bring a really different perspective to the workplace. They look at things of how they can apply technology or how they can bring a social aspect to it. So they're gonna bring some really unique ideas and solutions that you need to capture.

The second thing millennials want is to learn and you need to let them learn and grow as fast as they possibly can. You don't want to use the status quo of how long it takes to learn a certain process. Get them involved. Let them go at their own pace. Let them learn and grow as much and as fast as they possibly can and keep them challenged and engaged with your team.

The next thing millennials want is to advance and they're gonna want to move up as fast as they possibly can. So don't look them from how long have they been with the company. Look at them from what skills and expertise they bring to the position.

I really identify with this because I remember as a kid taking karate and I moved up through white and yellow and green and purple belts and four months. Then they told me, "You can't move up again for six months. That's just the way it works." I hated it and that's how millennials feel. Just 'cause you think it always takes that long to move up, for them, if they have the skills and expertise, well, they're ready to go. If you don't move them up in your company or at least find the opportunity for them to learn and grow, they're gonna move out. 

All right and that brings us to my special bonus for this week and that is referral 'cause that's what they're gonna be looking for is they don't get what they need in the workplace. With no pensions, you're typically looking at three to five years for people who are moving, if not sooner than that nowadays. So you really have to figure out how to keep these millennials inspired and engaged. Give them the opportunities they need. Let them learn and grow. Let them advance at the pace that they're ready to do so and get them involved as being the next leaders in your company.

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